Deadpool Costumes

Wouldn't it be amazing to become almost invincible in one of our Deadpool costumes? We can't offer that, but you’ll certainly feel that way dressed like the coolest superhero. With his "dark, twisted" sense of humour, Deadpool is by far one of the most popular and witty Marvel characters. His healing power allows him to recover from grave injuries by regenerating body parts, earning him the nickname Regenerating Degenerate. We have a range of official Deadpool costumes for adults and kids from Morphsuits to jumpsuits along with his trusted sword accessories so you can take on the full Wade Wilson persona. These costumes are a bold black-and-red design, and our Deadpool Morphsuit is skin-tight yet breathable and will have you covered from head to toe to provide a real superhero look. To master this costume, practice those weapon skills and those cheeky one-liners. Become the undefeatable Merc with the Mouth in one of our Deadpool Costumes.