Novelty Handbags

So, you have your glad rags sorted; now is the time to think about handbags. Ladies, we all know how important it is to have somewhere to store your most important items such as lipstick, keys and mobile phone on a night out. So, instead of settling with a costume clashing handbag, which still contains the debris from your previous night out, why not transform this vital bit of kit into a complimentary accessory to your outfit? Every character needs somewhere to keep her perfume, making our novelty handbags an ideal storage solution. We have a bag for every fancy dress theme imaginable. Clutches, shoulder, and wrist bags are all here and designed to hold everything you need.

  • French Maid Pouch
    French Maid Pouch £3.45 £6.99
  • Gothic Handbag
    Gothic Handbag (1) £1.95 £6.99
  • Monkey Handbag
    Monkey Handbag £2.95 £7.99
  • French Maid Bag
    French Maid Bag £2.95 £10.99
  • Red Flapper Handbag
    Red Flapper Handbag (1) £5.15 £6.99
  • Stone Age Woman Handbag
    Stone Age Woman Handbag £8.35 £11.99
  • Spider Handbag
    Spider Handbag (2) £7.85 £10.49
  • Nurse Bag
    Nurse Bag £6.95 £9.99
  • Official Grease Pink Lady Bowling Bag
    Official Grease Pink Lady Bowling Bag (1) £11.99
  • Cauldron Bag
    Cauldron Bag (8) £3.99
  • Cheerleader Megaphone Handbag
    Cheerleader Megaphone Handbag £8.99
  • Genie Lamp Handbag
    Genie Lamp Handbag (1) £10.49
  • Pirate Chest Handbag
    Pirate Chest Handbag £16.99

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