Fashion Glasses

These novelty glasses celebrate some influential eyewear styles from previous decades, from the thick dark frames of the staid '50s, perfect for a Grease-inspired look, to the thinner frames and mod styles of the swinging '60s, and funky disco models highlighting the groovy '70s. Celebrities have led the way in advancing the fashion glasses trends, and there are many famous icons and characters that are identifiable purely by their outrageous eyewear choices. The Ghostbusters could not spot those invisible ghosts without their set of ecto goggles, Elvis may not have been so rock and roll without his retro aviators, and Santa needs his pair of specs to check his list twice to see who’s been naughty or nice. We have all these fancy dress glasses here, plus some John Lennon Glasses, Steampunk Goggles, and Harry Potter Glasses, and a range of hippie specs, sunglasses, nerd glasses, and monocles. Eyeglasses are a fashion statement and the go-to accessory for you to transform your entire image and complement fashionable outfits.