Fake Teeth and Fangs

Fancy dress teeth are the trademark to some of the most popular costume ideas, and we have to admit that it wouldn’t quite be the same without it. Whether you’re seeking a set of horror teeth or want to add an extra spark to your outfit, Joke.co.uk  is the only emergency dentist trip you need. A set of werewolf fangs or vicious vampire teeth is a simple yet effective way to transform you into a terrifying bloodsucker this Halloween. What about a spot-on imitation of some of your favourite movie characters, like our Joker’s grill-style tooth as seen in Suicide Squad. Some of our fake teeth options come with moulding powder to suit the shape of the wearer's teeth, but we also have thermal fitting beads to ensure a secure fit and an authentic look. Our carry cases are handy for keeping those hideous gnashers fresh and whipping them out whenever the need to bite strikes. Our fancy dress fake teeth are reusable and customisable to your own mouth. With some added accessories you can really pull off whatever look it is you’re going for! Why not consider adding a set of fake fangs or costume teeth to your look - they are sure to be a hit. Get your gnarly gnashers covered now!