Frankenstein Costumes

Transform into the hideously ugly monster this Halloween with our popular Frankenstein Costumes. Based on Mark Shelly’s fictional character, Frankenstein is one of the most iconic creatures of horror since the 1800s and has been reinvented in films, cartoons, books, tales, TV shows, you name it. The monster is best known for his squared head, elongated forehead, stitches on his face, bolts in his neck, and green skin, and these creepy features are depicted in our Frankenstein Costumes perfectly. We have a range of Frankenstein costumes for adults and kids looking to be a classic hit this Halloween along with some Frankenstein masks, Bride of Frankenstein costumes and wigs, and even a cute baby Frankenstein outfit for your little one, all dedicated to the big guy himself! No worries if you don’t want Frankenstein’s huge head on your shoulders, all you need to do is just paint your face green and add some Frankenstein bolts to your head or neck to pull off these costumes! These scary monster Halloween costumes will have you looking the part, and are a great choice for funny Halloween costumes and monster costume ideas. Get ready for Halloween and pick your favourite Frankenstein look!