French Costumes

For madames seeking a seductive look, we have a fine collection of sexy French maid costumes that’ll certainly keep you busy with household guests. Just pair it up with some flirty stockings for a spicier look, and a black feather duster, of course, to at least look like you’re doing some work! Better yet, get your groove on in one of our tempting burlesque Moulin Rouge-inspired outfits with ribbon lace-ups and ruffled skirts made to fit you to perfection, or perhaps showing up as the last Queen of France in a prestige Maria Antoinette Wig will do. Now, for the handsome monsieurs, show off your skills in a Musketeer Costume or a 1920s French Mime Artist Costume to keep all the ladies’ eyes on you. Discover the iconic French beret hats, walrus French moustache, and some pretty satin French maid pouches to match the maid outfits where ladies can put their lipstick, compact mirror, and other girly essentials. Ideal for sports events, Eurovision, or any nationality-themed soiree, these garments will give you a truly unique French look. So what are you waiting for? Select your favourite French fancy dress outfit now and soyez sur votre chemin (be on your way)!