Jason Voorhees Costumes

Transform your look into that of horror movie icon Jason Voorhees, star of the Friday the 13th slasher film franchise to petrify the living soul out of everyone this Halloween. This official endorsed Jason Voorhees Costumes range are a great hit for the spooky season and one of the best options to play the role of a maniacal serial killer. We've got Jason hockey masks, bloody weapons, hockey jerseys, and full Jason Voorhees costumes for both men and women, of which come with a feminine touch for the ladies. Our women’s Jason costumes reinvent the characters hockey shirt into a sexy black and red dress with a matching mask-shaped handbag, also available in plus size! Pull off this character with some fake blood and Jason’s bloody machete to look like the cold-blooded murderer you are. Kit yourself out for Halloween with one of our unique Friday the 13th costumes and you'll be easily recognisable at the party as one of horror's most notorious characters!