Funny Mens Fancy Dress Costumes

Are you looking for funny mens costumes for a fancy dress party, stag-do, night out or another occasion that calls for plenty of laughs at your expense? We have mens funny fancy dress ideas ranging from completely random food and drink objects, to comical characters, inflatable outfits and outright offensive costumes! Hilarious costumes are what we do best! Some of our favourite funny mens costumes include dressing as a Giant Roll of Toilet Paper. Whoever wears it is really in for a poopy time. Make it a group affair and dress your friends with these Bathroom Companions Outfits. You’ll have the party guests on the floor with laughter! For a wild and wacky funny mens outfit, check out our Oversized Pigeon Costume, or dress your buddy up as a Giant Boob for his stag-party and embarrass him into front of the whole crew. Funny fancy dress for men is one of the best themes for a night out and whether you’re a student or an older guy that knows how to have a laugh, our wide range of costumes is sure to give you some inspiration for looking like a complete idiot! Get party-ready here on