Ghostbusters Costumes

Whether you're obsessed with the ‘80s sequels, the reboot of the original, or the animated spin-off series, we’re giving all die-hard fans the costumes from all films. We’ve got the janitor-like jumpsuits with the iconic No-ghost logo printed on the right upper arm to make you look like a true member of the Ghostbusters. For the original Ghostbuster outfits, we have some inflatable Ghostbuster proton packs to get you sucking up those spirits in no time. Our Ghostbuster fancy dress outfits come in varied styles and plus sizes too, from sexy dresses to a romper suit, and a Ghostbuster t-shirt for those wanting to sport their own bottoms. If you want to be the cause of chaos, our hilarious Puft and Slimer costumes are waiting to spook the city. A great option for group costumes, movie-themed occasions, and of course, Halloween, these are the best Ghostbuster costumes for kids and adults.