Gotham Costumes

The DC Comics Gotham City universe is packed full of both heroic superheroes and devious villains. What started as a comic series has been adapted into animated TV series, Hollywood movies and even videos games and action figures! Dress up as your favourite Gotham character with our extensive collection of Gotham costumes, or gather all your friends and assemble as a whole crew of good and evil. Our Gotham city costumes are inspired by stories such Batman and Robin, The Joker, Arkham Asylum villains and other comic-strip tales spanning the past century. For the original caped crusader appearance of Batman in the early comic books, check out our Brave and Bold Batman Costume, or don the iconic look of Christian Bale with a more recent Batman The Dark Night Suit. For ladies looking for a cool Gotham costume, look no further than this cute Harley Quinn Outfit or an enchanting Poison Ivy Costume. A personal favourite of ours and a look that many people won’t think of is dressing in a The Riddler Costume – it’s simple but effective! Browse our full collection of Gotham City fancy dress right here on and be sure to accessorise with props and add-ons.