Gothic Costumes

Take a peek inside our dark and sexy wardrobe of Gothic Costumes. Gothic fashion is a dark style of dress reminiscent of Victorian fashion and influenced by other cultural styles. Whether it’s for Halloween, a themed party, or simply for an elaborate gothic style, these gothic fancy dress ideas will give you the ultimate sinister, mysterious, or seductive look. We have a variety of gothic fancy dress costumes to suit every taste - from sexy dark capes and robes to sophisticated dresses that'll look fabulous with a pair of fishnet lace gloves. If you’re looking for black costumes for Halloween, we’ve got some gothic vampire costumes, black angel costumes, and our black cat costumes for Halloween are a top pick. To get your gothic fancy dress style spot on, get some dark hair and dark makeup, including black eyeliner, black lipstick, and black nail varnish, and a black choker is always a good shout for a goth outfit. For Halloween, apply some of our white face paint to achieve the palest look and to emphasise the gothic makeup. Shop some amazing Gothic costumes today for next day delivery.