Halloween Creatures - Bats, Spiders and Cat Costumes

When the sun sets on October 31, hordes of Halloween Creatures will emerge from the shadows ready to cause a fright on the spookiest night of the year. Here we have more creepy critters than a witches shopping list. Bats are often associated with Halloween thanks to their blood-sucking similarities to Vampires. Their large wings, fanged teeth and nocturnal habits makes a bat costume. The traditional black witches cat often features in Halloween folklore and is looked upon as an omen to those whose paths it crosses. We have a great collection of Halloween cat costumes ideal for any budding Gobelinos' out there. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a spider costume to send a chill down the spine. Whether you transform yourself into one of the 8-legged beasts or simply decorated with them, there is no question that they make a great theme for a costume. So, take a look around, we are sure to have your purrr-fect Halloween creature here.

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