Halloween Makeup & Face Paint

Have you thought about your Halloween makeup needs this year? Or did you even think about it at all? After 10 years in the business we have seen a rising popularity in face painting and know the visual impact it can make to your costume. Let us assure you, you don't need to be a qualified beautician or have access to a Hollywood make-up artist to create something spook-tacular. All the items here are simple to use and many come with full instructions on how to apply it effectively, so even us everyday novices can create a masterpiece. If you are searching for ideas and tips then you are sure to discover some inspiration here. A new development in the horror make-up world are transfers which are pre-printed with horrific burns, scars and realistic wounds. Similar to the fake transfer tattoos from bubblegum packets, all these require is a little water to apply and the same to remove! Easy peasy! From novice to expert, everything here will ensure your Halloween makeup is your 'piece de resistance' this year.

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