Harry Potter Costumes

If you're a Potterhead who loves all things magic and wizardry, then get set for Hogwarts in one of our Harry Potter Costumes! Whether you’re a spell-master or witchcraft newbie, we’ve got Harry Potter costumes for adults and kids eager for a wand-waving experience. With no spell limits, we can transform you into any wizard you desire in our Voldemort costume, Ron Weasley costumes, Hermione Granger costumes, and Harry himself. You’ll be capable of everything possible with our Harry Potter glasses, robes, wands, Firebolt broom, Gryffindor and Slytherin gear, and spell caster hats to whip up some fine spell ingredients. We even have the perfect masks and wigs including a Wizard Wig and Beard for a spot-on Dumbledore look. If you're looking for a movie or World Book Day costume, then Harry Potter fancy dress is a classic! WARNING: We are not responsible for any backfiring spells or fatal mistakes that may occur during the transformation. Please proceed at your own risk! Be a Hogwarts wizard or a dark arts lord - we've got them all here. Just say ‘Accio Harry Potter costumes’!