Horrible Histories Costumes

Let your son or daughter take a step back in time with our brilliant collection of Horrible Histories Costumes. Based on Terry Deary’s best-selling tales, Horrible Histories have been educating school-age children since 1993 with an unconventional and gruesome take on World History. Ideal for kids World Book Day costumes, your child can bring history to life while learning all about the historical figures, horrible events, and important periods of Britain dressed up like these amazing book characters. We have some official Horrible Histories outfits like our Knight Costume and WW1 children's costume and alongside costumes that’ll transform your little one into a Georgian girl, historical air warden, and royal figure in a Henry VIII Costume. Gorgeous Georgians, Terrible Tudors, The Frightful First World War, and Measly Middle Ages, are all eras covered by this new range. Horrible Histories costumes are one of the most popular choices for World Book Day and provide the best children’s historical fancy dress costumes. To complete these outfits, check out our swords and children’s wigs. Discover the best World Book Day costumes here, and order today for next day delivery!