Kids Fairy Costumes

Make your little girls whimsical wishes come true with our exciting choice of kids fairy costumes, available in a variety of different styles and colours. Every girl dreams of becoming a fairy and now they can! Children's fairy outfits are a popular choice for themed birthday parties, school plays, World Book Day, or simply getting dressed up and having fun in the living room. Grant wishes, cast magical spells, and sprinkle your dust to your desire! Become the most famous fairy of them all, Tinkerbell, or choose from a whimsical forest sprite, butterfly pixie and other creative ideas from the fairy-tale world. Our authentic Children's Peter Pan Tinkerbell Costume is the most popular choice, whilst a Pink Punk Girls Fairy Costume offers a completely different look that's sure to stand-out from the crowd. If your little one is dressing up for Halloween, how about a cute Pumpkin Fairy Outfit? If you'd prefer to create your own costume, we have tutu's, wings, wands and other fairy accessories to create a stunning look or perfect the costume you've already chosen. Find our full collection of kids fairy fancy dress here on and pick out a magical outfit for your girl.