Kids Harry Potter Costumes

If your son or daughter is still waiting on that Owl Post from Hogwarts, today’s their lucky day! Let them step into our wizardry wardrobe of authentic kids Harry Potter Costumes to grant them access to the school of magic and sorcery. In this collection of wizard robes, your little Potterhead can transform into the hero of the wizarding world dressed like kids Harry Potter Harry Dress complete with Harry Potter glasses, a Harry Potter wand to unleash your most powerful spells, and a Gryffindor scarf to match your Quidditch robe and keep toasty at the fun Quidditch matches. You’ll also find the rest of the famous trio waiting in our kids Hermione Granger costume and Ron Weasley costume. As your little one will be in love with their new school uniform, these childrens Harry Potter costumes for girls and boys are perfect for World Book Day, not to mention a fascinating Harry Potter party. If your child starts vomiting slugs, turns themselves into a cat, or blows you up like a balloon, just remember they are still learning how to put their wizardry magic to use. Get them heading to Platform Nine and 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express in a must-have kid's Harry Potter fancy dress costumes.