Kids Morphsuits

Your girl or boy will think they’re truly invincible with these vibrant all-in-one outfits, providing a full disguise from head to toe. With our one-tone Kids Morphsuits, they can pick their favourite colour to wear like our popular blue and pink Morphsuits, or dress up as any character they like in our Android Robot, Grizzly Bear, and Ninja Morphsuits. From scary zombies to creepy clowns, our children's Halloween Morphsuits are perfect for trick-or-treating and will go down in history for petrifying all the neighbours, especially our bestselling Slenderman and Clown Morphsuits. Kids Morphsuits are by far the easiest kids costumes, and you won’t have to buy anything else to make them feel like their imaginary character. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a special addition to their dressing-up box, pick a Kids Morphsuit your child won’t want to come out of!