Kids Superhero Costumes

Phew! It looks like we have us some brave boys and girls ready to save the day. You're guaranteed to find your child’s biggest obsession in our most popular Kids Superhero Costumes. In our collection of boys superhero costumes, we have the best team of crime fighters ready for action, from Iron Man and Superman to Batman and Thor. As for the young heroines, our girls’ superhero costumes will have them practising all the moves, and include sidekicks of the mightiest superheroes like Spider-Girl, Supergirl, and Batgirl. Not to mention our ever-so-cute toddler and baby superhero costumes that’ll get these little ones trained up in the Army Super-Soldier Program as early as possible. Whether it's for World Book Day, as a gift, or to top up the dressing-up box, these children’s superhero costumes are sure to be adored. Give your child the freedom they desire in a world ruled by adults and teachers with a super-duper kids superhero costume.