Fancy Dress Beginning With 'A'

Hosting a party and getting your guests to dress up as something or someone that begins with a different letter of the alphabet is both fun and creative. How challenging will your task be? Start with the first letter of the alphabet and invite guests to wear Letter A Costumes! Browse our full collection of costumes beginning with 'A' here and pick the perfect outfit to suit you. 'A' is a fairly easy letter for outfit ideas so you have plenty to choose from! Army fancy dress is a great idea as it comes in so many guises, from sexy army girls to brave military soldiers. We also have a variety of ABBA costumes, inspired by the iconic Swedish pop-rock group and their funky 70's style attire. Other ideas you may want to consider are Alice in Wonderland, Angels, American Footballers and Astronauts. A personal favourite of ours is Avatar. Become the captivating blue Avatar characters with a Neytiri Avatar Costume for ladies, and Jake Sully Avatar Outfit for guys. Why go any further down the alphabet when our letter A costumes are simply awesome! Letter 'A' fancy dress is great for themed birthday parties, student nights out, festivals and any other dress-up idea you can think of.