Fancy Dress Beginning With 'I'

Letter I costumes are one of the most difficult ideas for a themed alphabet fancy dress party. There really aren't many characters, movies or even random objects that begin with 'i' and can be modelled into an outfit. However, do not fear, we've selected some excellent fancy dress beginning with 'I' to stop your mind racing and help you look great for the party! Letter 'i' parties are popular for birthday celebrations, student nights out, sports team socials and many other parties where the hosts want to challenge their guests! Marvel's Iron Man is one of the first characters that comes to mind when we think of the letter I and we have plenty of Iron Man outfits to choose from, for men, women and kids. 
Another go-to theme is Native American Indians. Create an Indian Brave appearance with long flowing headdress, or become the most recognised Indian Princesses of them all, Pocahontas. Quirky ideas that no-one else will think of include dressing as an Iron, yes a clothing iron! Apple's iconic design of the i-Pod is another cool costume idea for ladies. For something super-easy but a clever interpretation of the theme, wear your own clothes and put on an authentic looking 'Infinity Gauntlet', sported by Thanos in the Marvel Universe of comics and movies. Find all of the letter 'i' costumes you need here on!