Fancy Dress Beginning With 'M'

When it comes to planning an alphabet party and getting the guests to dress as a character, movie, musician or object that begins with a specific letter of the alphabet, letter 'M' fancy dress can deliver some great ideas! It's a fairly easy letter to choose and has potential for some very cool costumes. Browse our full collection of fancy dress beginning with M and find the perfect outfit for you! Morphsuits are one of the best fancy dress trends to date and we stock a huge variety of styles, so you can decide which one best suits your personality. Transform into a stunning mythological creature with our range of Mermaid costumes, which are crafted in beautiful fabrics and colours, or as the Greek mythical monster, Medusa. Alternatively, go to Wonderland dressed a Mad Hatter, or embrace the glitz and glam of Hollywood dressed in one of our Marilyn Monroe dresses. Other ideas include Egyptian mummies, Super Mario, a Buddhist monk, Musketeer, Mike Wakowski, Mary Poppins and many more. M has to one of the best letters for inspiring dressing up! Letter M costumes are great for themed birthday parties, festivals, student disco's and event work themed events where the boss wants to challenge the staff. Pick out your outfit and get ready for the party with us!

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