Fancy Dress Beginning With 'R'

Picking out a letter R costume for an alphabet fancy dress party is no easy task as there's so many ideas to choose from! Go for an unusual and creative option to impress the other guests and stand out from the crowd! Our cool collection of fancy dress beginning with 'R' is inspired by movies, characters, historical figures, musicians, animals and even random objects, so you'll have plenty of inspiration to find what you want. For guys, look no further than the legendary Anchorman, Ron Burgundy. This authentic suit will have you looking sharp and admirable, perfect for catching a pretty lady's eye or reading the daily news. The fairy-tale character Little Red Riding Hood is a popular option for women and we have plenty of Red Riding Hood Costumes to choose from, both naughty and nice. Alternatively, don black and white stripes and arrive at the party dressed as a referee, giving out red cards to misbehaving guests! Other options include dressing as a reindeer, Rabbi, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, RAF pilot, a rabbit or The Riddler from the DC Batman comic series. The opportunities are endless and you're sure to find something that catches your eye. Find our full collection of letter 'R' fancy dress here on

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