Fancy Dress Beginning With 'V'

When it comes to fancy dress beginning with the letter 'V', there are surprisingly more options than you'd expect. We've assembled some of the best letter V costumes on offer, to help you get ready for an alphabet dress-up party where you've been asked to don costumes relating to someone or something relating to the letter V. It makes a fun party theme for birthdays, work events, bachelor parties, festivals and any other excuse to dress up, plus you have the added challenge of choosing a quirkier costume than your friends! The go-to letter V fancy dress for guys has to be noble Viking Warrior Costumes. Inspired by the Nordic tribes of the past and recent TV series and films, you'll be feared throughout the party! Grow a beard before the event to rock the look perfectly! For ladies, how about dressing up as an alluring Vampiress, a traditional Victorian Lady or creepy Voodoo Doll? Other ideas include (Darth) Vader, Queen Victoria, Vicky Pollard, Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, Vision from The Avenger's movie and V for Vendetta. For something quick and easy, simply buy a V for Vendetta mask and bear the iconic symbol of the freedom fighter it's now associated with. Find a full range of cool letter 'V' outfits here on