Fancy Dress Beginning With 'W'

Letter W costumes is one of our favourite themes for an alphabet fancy dress party. There's a cool collection of character and movie ideas for both men and women and enough choice so you won't look the same as all of the other guests! Explore this section for plenty of costume ideas and get ready for the party with us. Letter 'W' fancy dress favourites include movie characters such as Willy Wonka, Wilma Flintstone and everyone's favourite storybook friend that seems to keep getting lost, Where's Wally (this one makes an affordable and simple group dress-up idea). There's also an impressive line-up of superhero costume options for this letter. Girls can save the day dressed as Wonder Women, whilst guys can unleash their ferocious side as non other than Wolverine from the X-Men. Other excellent ideas for fancy dress beginning with 'W' include wolves, werewolves, Wario from the Super Mario video games, Woody from Disney Pixar's Toy Story and even a wacky Whoopie Cushion! The costume we probably have the most variety of and fitting perfectly with the theme is 'witches'. Go for the wicked witch look or innocent Hogwarts witch appearance. Find our full collection of letter 'W' alphabet costumes here on

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