Fancy Dress Beginning With 'X'

As you may have already guessed, the letter 'X' is the most challenging letter for an alphabet fancy dress party and you might struggle to think of a movie, character, musician or even a random object or animal that begins with this elusive letter. Luckily for you, we've hand selected some excellent letter X costumes, so all you have to do is decide on the perfect style to suit you! Featured in the original Star Wars movies, an X-wing Pilot Costume bears the authentic look of Luke Skywalker when he attacked the Death Star. It's an outfit that's destined to impress for movie fans! Another movie that fits into the letter X fancy dress theme is X-Men. Check out this heroic Wolverine Costume for men. For ladies looking for a just as fierce appearance, re-create the stunning look of Xena the Warrior Princess with a Female Gladiator Outfit, or for an idea that no-one would have thought of, dress in an X-ray Onesie and hit the dance floor in style. Finally, a Noughts and Crosses Costume is a funny novelty take on the letter X and you'll get plenty of laughs. The variety of fancy dress beginning with 'X' may be limited, however the small selection of costumes we've picked out should have something for everyone. If you've thought of your own costume idea, why not browse our accessories range and create your own outfit for the party?