Fancy Dress Beginning With 'Y'

As we approach the end of the alphabet, finding a costume for an alphabet themed party can be very difficult! Letter Y costumes are one of the most challenging letters to find fancy dress for, however we're here to inspire you and help you prepare for the party! The first 'Y' character that comes to mind is Yoda from Star Wars. This wise and stubborn Jedi is the perfect choice for small children that want to bear the authentic Star Wars look. Check out our Kid's Yoda Costume here. Another quirky idea for fancy dress beginning with the letter 'Y' is the remarkable Captain Y-Fronts Outfit. Save the day and rock up to the party in style! As there are so few movies, musicians, characters and themes beginning with 'Y', an interesting take on the challenge is to dress as anything with the colour yellow. A giant banana, yellow bird, yellow Power Ranger, Teletubbie and yellow Morphsuit all make good interpretations for a costume. Have fun picking out your letter Y fancy dress here on and impress your friends with your creativity! Alphabet parties are fun for birthdays, garden parties, festivals, stag-do's, hen parties and pretty much any other excuse you have to dress up!