Borat Mankini Costumes

If you’re looking for a fancy dress costume that doesn’t leave much to the imagination; a costume that will likely embarrass anyone that wears it, Mankini costumes are exactly what you need. Originally made famous by Kazakh Borat in his hit movie, Mankini’s are stylish but revealing swimsuits for men that are sure to shock people everywhere you go! Borat wore his on the beach in the movie, however they have a comedy appeal these days and are a great fit for a party. They’re commonly used to embarrass the stag on his stag-do, to stand out at festivals, or if you’re feeling really brave at a themed birthday party. We have a wide range of colourful Mankini’s, in different styles and sizes. For a jazzy design that has a distinct 80’s vibe, check out our Zebra Print Mankini or Tiger Print Mankini. They’re also available in bold or luminous colours, including yellow, green, pink, orange and red. Browse all of our Borat Mankini swimsuit outfits here on, suck up your dignity and show off those muscles! You need to be brave to wear this costume, however you’ll get plenty of laughs.