Mascot Costumes

Dressing as a friendly and fluffy mascot is world of fun! Jump around the sidelines at a sports game supporting your team, entertain the kids at a party or set the tone and boost the morale of the workplace at a corporate event. We have a cool collection of mascot costumes across a variety of different styles, from fluffy bears to colourful neon gorillas. You can't go wrong with our stand-out Elephant Ballerina Mascot Outfit, or how about a Happy Lion Costume? It's great for children's parties and stage shows. If you're dressing up for Easter and greeting the kids with eggs, our Bunny Mascot Costume is sure to impress, whilst a Neon Pink Gorilla Suit can be used for any occasion. Whatever mascot fancy dress you're looking for, you'll find a fabulous variety here on The costumes are high quality so they can be used time and time again. They're particularly popular for fundraising and charity events, lightening the mood of any event and catching everyone's eye!