Masquerade Ball Costumes & Fancy Dress

Masquerade Balls have existed since the 15th century and have evolved throughout the ages. All guests attending must wear a mask that covers their face and conceals their identity, often accompanied with a renaissance style or modern trendy outfit. Traditionally for the upper-class members of society, they’re now popular for parties of all occasions! Dress in masquerade for carnivals, birthday parties, corporate events and more! If you’ve been invited to a Masquerade party, find all of the Masquerade Ball costumes you need here on and transform yourself into a royal Venetian prince or princess. Our Masquerade fancy dress includes items such as this Dark Opera Masquerade Costume for men, or a Gothic Venetian Harlequin Outfit for the ladies. For a Halloween twist to the theme, how about this Skeleton Masquerade Outfit? Accessorise with your favourite Masquerade mask and you’ll be ready for the ball in no time! You’ll find a wide variety of Masquerade Ball Outfits for men and women, in styles from across different eras.