Mens 1920s Fancy Dress Costumes

If you’re a guy that’s been invited to a 1920’s fancy dress party, you’ve came to the right place to get suited and booted! Whilst ladies of the 1920’s wore fashionable flapper dresses and feather outfits and accessories, for the men it was all about looking sharp in a pinstripe suit. The ‘twenties’ was an era of gangsters, Great Gatsby and a time of struggles, however it also inspired Jazz, some great music artists and Broadway! Find a brilliant collection of mens 1920s fancy dress costumes here on and get party-ready with us. The outfits can be used for charity events, special birthdays, nights out, festivals and any other function that calls for roaring 1920’s flair. A gangster mens 1920s costume can then be re-purposed for Halloween! For the iconic look of the era, check out this Pinstripe Gangster Outfit. Alternatively, go for an Instant Gangster Accessory Pack and combine it with your own stylish suit for a cheap and easy costume. A Gangster Morphsuit is another easy idea that’ll make you stand out at the party. It’s comfortable to wear and you’ll be different to everyone else. Fancy yourself as a budding 1920’s film producer? You’ll love this 20’s style Adult Director Costume. Accessorise with a Trilby hat, cigar, toy Tommy gun and suspenders to perfect your mens 1920s outfit.