Mens 50s Fancy Dress Costumes

The 50’s was an era of rock ‘n’ roll and the rise of Elvis Presley. If you’re a guy that’s been invited to a rockin’ 1950’s party and you’re looking for a costume, you’ve came to the right place for inspiration! Mens 50s fancy dress costumes range from the iconic King of Rock, to Grease Lightening T-birds style, American high school fashion and the well-known ‘Teddy Boy’ look. The 1950’s theme can be used for birthday parties, charity events, work functions, engagement parties and any other occasion that calls for celebration. The decade is glamorised and loved by all, brining back fond memories for older generations and a chance to experience it for younger generations! Some of our favourite mens 50s costumes include this bold Teddy Boy Outfit and 50s College Letterman Jacket. And you can’t go wrong with this Trendy 50s Bowling Shirt! Combine it with your favourite pair of blue jeans, slick your hair back and you’ll be party ready. If you’re attending the event with your partner, why not dress as Sandy and Danny from the legendary ‘Grease’ movie? This T-birds Jacket is exactly what you need. Once you’ve picked out your mens 50s outfit, accessorise with a flick-up comb, wig and some stylish shades to perfect your fifties appearance!