Mens 60s Fancy Dress Costumes

For all the men out there that want to rock iconic 60s fashion for a party, we have all of the mens 60s fancy dress costumes you need to look the part! The 1960’s is an era known for peace, love and hippie fashion. ‘Flower power’ and colourful hippie outfits were all of the rage and The Beatles was the music of choice for summer lovin’ festivals. It also held some great TV shows and movies, and we have mens 60s costumes based on those too! Interpret the 1960’s theme how you wish and get ready to hit the dance-floor in style! Some of our favourite mens 60s outfits include the hilarious Austin Powers Movie Costume. Complete your costume with some John Lennon style round shades and a mens 60s wig and you’re destined to impress and turn some heads on the dancefloor. Get 'boogying' with!