Mens Sailor Fancy Dress Costumes

From grand admiral’s and ship captain’s, to WWII era sailors and modern navy cadets, we have plenty of options to get you suited and booted for a fancy dress party. ‘Sailors’ is a cool standalone theme, but it’s also great for uniform themed parties, Stag-do’s, Halloween and festivals. Sailors have always been associated with being ‘hunky’ and muscular and now you can show off those guns to party guests and turn some heads! Some of our coolest mens sailor outfits include this iconic Lord Nelson Costume, sporting the grandeur decoration of a seafaring Admiral from the 18th century. Our Fever Mens French Sailor Costume gives you a classic sailor appearance, whilst a Sailor Morphsuit is a super-quick and easy solution that will be different from everyone else. You can also become the most famous and loved sailor of all, Popeye, with our Deluxe Popeye Outfit. All you need now is a few tins of spinach and you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor! Pick out your perfect mens sailor costume and accessorise with a sailor hat, neckerchief and anchor tattoo.