Mens Superhero Costumes

If you’ve decided on one of the most popular and diverse fancy dress themes that everyone loves, superheroes, you’ve come to the right place! We have men’s superhero costumes covering all of your favourite male characters, from the ever-growing Marvel hero cast to classics from DC comics, TV series superheroes and everything in between. Men’s superhero fancy dress is great for quirky corporate events, Halloween, a special birthday party or a stag-do. Dress as an iconic hero that everyone knows or go for something completely different that no-one else will be wearing! If you’re set on saving the day dressed as a Marvel Avenger, check out our Adult Spiderman Costume, Captain America or a quick and easy Iron Man Morphsuit. Alternatively, Batman is a popular choice and his costumes come in a range of styles across different eras and movies. Will you represent with the legendary comic-book look or don a more modern Batman appearance with his impressive The Dark Knight Costume? The choice is yours! Browse all of the superhero outfits for men right here and find a costume within your budget.