Mermaid Costumes

Mermaids are ancient mythical creatures that are have the upper body of a human, and lower body of a fish. From Greek mythology to TV shows, movies and fairytales, mermaids are popular characters and a great choice for fancy dress! Whether you're looking for an Ariel The Little Mermaid costume for your little girl or want a glamorous glitter mermaid outfit for a party, we have just what you need! We also have a selection of mermaid fancy dress accessories to perfect the look! Become Ariel herself with our Adult's Mermaid Fancy Dress Costume or present a more sensual vibe with our Mesmerising Mermaid outfit. For girls, Disney's Shimmer Ariel Costume is a choice they're sure to love! If you'd prefer to create your own outfit, browse our colourful wigs, shell bra's, glitter and 'Under the Sea' accessories for inspiration. Use your brand new mermaid look to impress at a themed celebration, kid's party or a quirky corporate event - it's a look that's both unique and glamorous.