Mummy Costumes

After thousands of years after death, here lie our undead Mummy Costumes ready to stick out their arms and lumber around the city. Instead of rotting like any old corpse, we urge all Halloween fans to look like a real-life preserved dead body this Halloween. Available in various styles, these Halloween mummy outfits replicate the Egyptian mummies seen in Hollywood films, wrapped in bandages just like the ancient tradition. We have some truly amazing kids, men and women's mummy costumes to transform into these fragile but terrifying creatures. From our sexy Mystical Mummy for ladies to our unisex tight-fitting Mummy Morphsuit and children's Horror Mummy Outfit, you can show everyone how much you’ve been dying to rise from the tomb. Just complete your outfit with some outstanding mummy Halloween makeup and fake blood to look like the most destructive, flesh-eating mummy out there. If you’re going to a Halloween party as a group, these costumes will go perfectly with a mix-up of some Zombie Costumes. Otherwise, these outfits will make for some awesome Egyptian costume ideas. Here, we've got all of your Halloween mummy fancy dress needs bandages. Throw away the toilet paper and grab one of these bad boys now!