Mummy Costumes

Mummies are defined as human remains that have either naturally or deliberately stayed preserved many thousands of years after death, instead of rotting like any old corpse. They are found in many cultures; however, our Mummy Costumes tend to replicate the Egyptian mummies seen in Hollywood films, wrapped in chemically treated bandages as was the tradition. The thing that makes mummies such great Halloween fancy dress is the many myths and legends around the disturbance of such bodies, like the curses that were placed on tombs of mummies within many cultures. This spooky notion was grabbed by Hollywood and as a result, we have some truly amazing adult mummy costumes, along with some rather creepy children's mummy costumes. From our Mystical Mummy costume to our Mummy Morphsuit, we've got all of your Halloween mummy fancy dress needs bandages. Throw away the toilet paper and grab one of these bad boys now!