Native American Indian Costumes

Native American’s of the Wild West, also known as ‘Indians’, were the native people of America before the settlers from Europe arrived. They’re depicted in many wild west movies to have ferocious battles with the cowboys of the frontier, eventually adapting to live together in their lands. Become a noble Apache warrior yourself with our wide range of Native American Indian costumes for men, women and children. They’re perfect for a Western themed party, festival, birthday celebration, corporate event, or any other reason that calls for you to dress to impress. Go dressed as a group of Indians or rock up solo as Pocahontas. Everyone will recognise you and the costumes are very cost effective. For the traditional native look, ladies will love our Scout Indian Outfit, or there’s an Adult Fever Pocahontas Costume to re-create the iconic look of the heroic legend. Little girls can become an authentic Apache dressed in this Indian Eagle Costume, also available in a boy’s version. For the guys, look no further than a fierce Indian Brave Costume and instil fear into the enemies! Once you’ve selected your Indians fancy dress, perfect your appearance with accessories ranging from axes, native jewellery and feather headpieces, to a colourful flowing headdress. You’ll find all of the native American fancy dress you need here on!