Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Mwahohoho! Did you think we’d forgotten about the dark ones who want to put a freakish spin on Christmas and snatch Sandy Claws? Our Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes is based on the dark Tim Burton animation which tells the story of Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween Town, and Sally, the rag doll woman created by a mad scientist. Kidnapping Santa to hijack Christmas, these sinister characters will let you continue the fright of Halloween into the merry spirits of Christmas. We have incredible ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ costumes for adults to transform into Jack or Sally, or if you are a couple looking for eerie Christmas attire, then we think our combo outfit make a very spooky pair of lovebirds. When you crash the festive event with these hilarious, scary Christmas costumes, we promise it will be one the guests will never forget. Give everyone a fright at the Christmas party and recreate either of these iconic Halloween characters for Christmas.