Freddy Krueger Costumes

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... or are you coming to terrorise the town in one of our Freddy Krueger Costumes? We've got the hair-raising outfits based on Nightmare on Elm Street - the 80s slasher film series that have had fans screaming with both fear and joy for decades. Perfect for a Halloween disaster, our Freddy Krueger Costume will terrify the streets when you become this disfigured-face serial killer that wears a bladed glove on his right hand. To slash people in their dreams, all you need is his red-and-green striped jumper, the deadly glove, the brown hat, and a Freddy Krueger Mask, all up for grabs right here. Our Freddy Krueger woman costumes will make for the most insidious partner in crime for this psychotic murderer and would be great for a unique couples costume. Whether you need a full costume or just some accessories, we've got the movie-based Freddy gear you need to scare the party to death. Snatch up a Nightmare on Elm Street costume and have everybody praying they can stay awake forever!