Costume Bags & Fancy Dress Handbags

Explore our range of fun Novelty Costume Bags that are big enough to hold all your essentials for a night out, but won't cramp your fancy dress style! Here, you’ll find a mixture of fashionable costume themed handbags for adults and kids to transport your belongings with security, comfort, and style. Ladies will find some cute options to compliment sexier outfits like our French Maid Pouch while our collection of Disney handbags are a lovely treat for the little princesses in awe of characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, and will look pretty with there Disney princess dress. We also have some Halloween bags too, perfect for trick-or-treating to complement your Halloween costume to keep the spooky theme from head to toe. We have some of the most fun fancy dress bags in the UK and is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any outfit. Why not get your fancy dress handbag today and jazz up your costume and shop our other accessories too!