Oktoberfest Costumes | Bavarian Costumes

We've got all of the Oktoberfest costumes you could want or need. Check out our full collection below and pick your favourite. From the beer halls of Munich to your local pub, the grand German festival of Oktoberfest is celebrated pretty much everywhere, and rightly so we say! At this year's glorious extravaganza of brilliant beer and German Bratwurst, why not join in the fun by getting dressed up in one of our Oktoberfest outfits; be it a dirndl, Lederhosen or just one of our awesome flag-inspired Bavarian fancy dress outfits? Men will fit right in with an Adult Authentic Bavarian Costume, whilst ladies might be tempted for a Flirty Fraulein Costume. Give your friends a laugh with our Lederhosen Hoopster Oktoberfest Outfit or go as far as dressing as a pint of beer! Whatever Oktoberfest fancy dress you choose, you'll feel right at home with your German friends.