Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Recreate the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and the other motley crew members in our treasurable Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes. Inspired by this smash-hit swashbuckler film sequel, we’re giving you the exact look of the piratical hero, as played by Johnny Depp. One of the best Pirates of the Caribbean outfits, this official Jack Sparrow costume goes perfect with some tongue-in-cheek wit and humour to master this persona. Just add a bit of eyeliner, put on the trademark accent, and away you go with a brilliant pirate costume. As for other popular Pirates of the Caribbean characters like Elizabeth Turner and Dave Jones, we have plenty more adult Pirate costumes that will resemble other cast members, even our pirate hat and beard and moustache will give you a Sparrow look too. A great Halloween idea would be to impersonate the zombie pirates of The Curse of the Black Pearl. These costumes will look just as incredible at a pirate or film costume party. Become a pirate today in our Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes.