Pocahontas Costumes

Are you a free-spirited woman that will do anything for peace? Transform into the beautiful native American princess with long raven-black hair in our Pocahontas Costumes. We have Pocahontas outfits for both women and girls with a desire to spread peace at the party and are great for Halloween, film parties, or cowboy or Indian theme parties. These Pocahontas fancy dress costumes come in beautiful brown and tan-coloured dresses with fringing and include patterned armbands, fur boot covers, cuffs, and more to look like you’ve come straight from the native era. Just add a native Indian headband and choker, slap on some pretty patterns and designs on your face with our face paint and makeup to look as cultural as can be. Pocahontas is a classic option for women seeking a red Indian outfit and you can find some more amazing options in our Cowboy and Indian Costumes too. Pick your favourite Pocahontas costume to represent this legendary Disney princess!