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Pink ladies

Brilliant quick service easy to do online and the quality was great fitted perfectly

Better quality jacket

We bought 4 in total in large, medium & small. All sizes were fairly true to form. Ordering & delivery very straightforward. Pros: This is definitely the 'deluxe' version of the various types of this jacket on the market. We attended an event hosting MANY (approx 70-80) Pink Ladies, in a selection of jackets. This one stood out by miles. The colour, style & look outshone the other versions by far. Many commented to us on how lovely the jackets were. Cons: It is nigh on impossible to remove the creases as you cannot iron the fabric (you would melt it!!!). No amount of hanging it in a shower room hoping the steam would do it worked. Suggest you wear it a few times before needing it for your event as this might help it to 'settle'. There are only 3 badges provided - Rizzo, Frenchy & Marty. Not sure what happened to poor ole Jan. Fortunately we ended up as just 4 so made our 4th girl be Sandy! Hot hot hot! And I don't just mean the look. You will perspire in this jacket - impossible not to due to the fabric. Would definitely recommend this product. It is more expensive than others available, but in this case you really do get what you pay for and the difference in quality is obvious.

Fab Jacket

Absolutely great jacket, and the service was superb, would definitely use again and recommend to others. Thank you.


Perfect service provided. Sizing a little snug, but fine.