Kids Grizzly Bear Morphsuit

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Size: Age 6-8
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For brilliant bear costumes, look no further than the Kids Grizzly Bear Morphsuit, a fun new design from the collaboration between Morphsuits and Animal Planet. Perfect for animal-themed parties and World Book Day.

The Kids Grizzly Bear Morphsuit is a brown spandex bodysuit with a fur-effect design on the body and facepiece.

There's a realistic bear face on the costume that finishes off the look.

As with all Morphsuits, this outfit has been made with great care to ensure that it will survive all of the wear and tear that kids' costumes endure.

So what are Morphsuits? Morphsuits are a unisex all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe. They have been specially designed so that you can breathe through them, see through them, and even better nobody can see the wearer.

If needed you can easily free your head by unzipping and pulling the hood forward.

There are a number of imitation ''Morphsuits'' currently on the market however these imitations have proved to be badly made and never last long. The Official Morphsuit far excels these fakes in quality and durability.

So, now you know about how it works and its superior quality, all you need to decide is what colour are you going to wear and what will you do in it?

Includes: Jumpsuit

Size Guide
Kids Age 6-8 Small Age 6-8, Height 3ft 4" - 3ft 10"
Kids Age 8-10 Large Age 8-10, Height 120cm - 137cm
Kids Age 10-12 Large Age 10-12, Height 4ft 6" - 5ft

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