Adult Santa Stuck in Chimney Hat Accessory

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All together now...'When Santa got stuck up the chimney, a-choo, a-choo!

This Adult Santa Stuck in Chimney Hat Accessory is a hilarious alternative to the traditional red-and-white Santa hat, and while everyone looks the same you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

The chimney shape hat offers a pair of stuffed Santa legs sticking out of the top, creating the impression that he is stuck in a chimney.

Crafted from foam, the hat easily retains its shape and is comfortable to wear for hours on end, from the desk to the dance floor.

As we’re usually asleep when Santa’s sleigh arrives, let the party see Santa upside down once and for all as you wear this funny Christmas hat.

Includes: Hat

Customer Reviews

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Lori S
Perfect for a Holiday Party!

Well made and cute hat. Fits nicely. It's the perfect accessory for that Christmas jumper!

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