Prosthetic Makeup

Create your own 3D makeup magic with our gobsmacking Prosthetic Makeup for Halloween. If you’re looking for the most realistic Halloween fake wounds and scars, you’re in the right place!  Hugely popular at Halloween, our Woochie collection and Tinsley 3D Transfers kits are all the rage when it comes to making your Halloween costume look as real as can be! The Woochie range is designed by a leading Hollywood makeup artist who created this prosthetic Halloween makeup so you can create movie-quality visual effects, just like with the rest of this awesome collection.  Whether you are looking to be a zombie, vampire, or devil this Halloween, or want to look as if your eyes have been gouged or throat has been cut, we have the right fake scars and wounds to make you look exactly like these gory looking beings and creatures! These prosthetic makeup kits give your Halloween costume extra graphic detail and team up perfectly with other Halloween accessories. Get slashed, bitten, and burned with our Prosthetic Makeup for the best Halloween experience this year - and it’s all pain-free too!