Pumpkin Costumes

Stand out amongst the ghosts and ghouls, in the vibrant shade of orange that's synonymous with Halloween's most famous vegetable! Our Halloween Pumpkin costumes are positively mouth-watering. The Jack o' Lantern was created as a way of defending people's homes from evil spirits and it's an iconic symbol of Halloween that everyone loves, from carving out the perfect pumpkin to dressing as one! Pumpkin fancy dress comes in a variety of styles, however the main question you have to ask yourself is - do you want scary or adorable? We have tenaciously terrifying pumpkin outfits and fancy dress on the cuter scale, perfect for kids. Double your size with a hilariously fun Inflatable Pumpkin Costume or look cute and collected in a Ladies Pumpkin Dress. If you're looking for a creepy mask to wear with a long black cloak, look no further than our Bad Seed Pumpkin Mask. It'll terrify your guests! Kid's will love our Children's Pumpkin Suit, which offers a fun and friendly Halloween vibe. Although 'Pumpkin's' is a theme best associated with Halloween, feel free to buy the costumes year-round and wear them for whatever party you're attending! The harvest festival, school plays and World Book Day are all events that could do with a spiced pumpkin appearance. We have a whole pumpkin patch of outfits for you!